A venture scout opportunity for those who are interested in diversity, equity, and inclusion

Buzz for DEI

Introducing DEIBees, our DEI Scout program for young people eager to get involved in our mission.

Help us to grow our reach

Our Scouting Program

We know that young people have all the power

Join us and become a scout for startups, small businesses, and under-resourced organizations in your area that can benefit from iDEIntity’s services, technology, and community.

Program features

The opportunity to gain insight into diverse fields, learn about entrepreneurship, become an advocate, and contribute to a worthy cause.

Train with the best

OUR Programs


Venture Scout Volunteer Program

Join our venture scout program where you can volunteer to help iDEIntity to reach as many firms as possible through promoting us on your socials, directly sourcing firms, or even having workshops in your area. 


Represent The Future of DEI in Entrepeneurship

After joining our community, you will become eligible for our Mr. and Mrs. DEIBEE program, where we look for t ambassadors for the future of DEI and entrepreneurship.

DEIBEES Scholarship

Gain Funds Towards College or Graduate Study

We commit to eventually offering scholarships to our most engaged scouts, to thank them and recognize them for their commitment to DEI within their generation.