Learning and Growing in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion this Summer

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Meet iDEIntity Intern, Shu Jing Zheng

My name is Shu Jing Zheng, and I am a high school student from Hobart High School, located in northwest Indiana. As of the 2023–2024 school year, I am going into sophomore year. I chose to apply to iDEIntity as an intern through StandOut Connect because I realize the critical value that an internship holds for career development, and iDEIntity’s values of empowering DEI have motivated me to step outside of my comfort zone. Outside of iDEIntity, I hold leadership positions in other areas of my life, such as being the Sophomore Class President at Hobart High School. I am also the founder of two nonprofit organizations, Save Organization, and Green Future Initiative, which tackle educational disparities and environmental concerns in northwest Indiana! I have an older sister and a younger brother; my family has five members. I have a Chinese-American heritage, and my hobbies include playing tennis, reading, and hanging out with my friends. I enjoy meeting new people and can not wait to see the opportunities my iDEIntity internship will bring!

DEI to Me

Diversity, equity, and inclusion all have unique value to my work and identity as a person. As a Chinese American, I realize the importance of promoting and valuing diversity. People from all backgrounds deserve to have their voices heard, and each individual can bring something different yet fundamental to the table. Growing up in an area without many culturally similar individuals has taught me how crucial diversity is, and it motivates me to educate others about the acceptance and education of different cultures. Moving on to equity, equity ensures that all individuals have the means of fair opportunity and treatment in life. Equity gives individuals the chance to showcase their true talents and encourages everyone to try for different opportunities. Equity is a value that I stand by, along with diversity and inclusion, and a society can not function without equitable efforts for all kinds of people. Inclusion ensures that all individuals are included through equal access to opportunities. With Save Organization, I want to create and promote more equity and inclusion within education in Indiana. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are three crucial values of mine, and all three should be upheld in society to empower people of all backgrounds.

Working with iDEIntity

iDEIntity stands out from other organizations’ distinguished work promoting DEI for startups and small businesses. I chose iDEIntity as my first pick for an internship because it gives businesses or organizations the resources they need to reach their full DEI potential. With many diverse individuals working in numerous companies today, DEI values are more important than ever in the modern workplace. As an intern with iDEIntity, I am most excited to create new connections, foster new DEI opportunities, and learn more about different DEI-incorporated organizations and businesses. I look forward to getting real professional experience from my internship with iDEIntity.

With so many opportunities offered at iDEIntity, I am confident I will leave the internship with newfound work experience and numerous connections with diverse individuals. Throughout my time at iDEIntity, I want to accomplish personal goals, such as learning more about myself as a person and learning more about iDEIntity, but I also want to achieve professional goals, such as improving my professional skills like communication, research, and writing. I want to learn and educate myself on DEI growth and its implementation in the workplace. I hope my experience at iDEIntity will teach me valuable skills and lessons regarding DEI, which I can share with others toward a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive world. I am beyond excited to be an intern at iDEIntity, and I can not wait to embark on this educational journey!

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